A vision board is a visual representation of what you are desiring most in life. It involves selecting images/ photos of things you would like to enter your life and sticking them on a board.


The power of a Vision Board is having the board sit somewhere in your home where you view it daily. A vision board uses the power of The Law of Attraction & manifestation in 
drawing these items into your life. 

"Where focus goes, energy flows" 

Using ‘The law of attraction’ & manifestation.

We have the power to manifest anything in which we ultimately desire.. big or small.

The universal "law" of attraction means whatever vibrational frequency we put out into the universe we are going to attract that back into our immediate reality. For example: If you focus on the LACK of money that you have you will continue attracting the LACK of money. Opposed to repeating to yourself on a daily basis and actually feeling into what you’re saying "I am attracting an abundance of wealth & prosperity" and trusting in your vibrational alignment with what you truly desire. This is where the Vision Board is effective as it is in your daily view & thoughts, you subconsciously are putting energy & thought to the images on your Vision Board allowing them to manifest into your life. 


THERE ARE NO RULES when creating your Vision Board!
Nothing is too unrealistic as you are the one who has the power to attract. Get creative! Have fun with this process. Use colours, words & see what unfolds!

With each image or words you put on Vision Board.. take a mindful moment in channelling what this thing would FEEL like.

This is the perfect opportunity to find & decide what you ultimately want from your life!

Details for this Workshop:

This is a 2.5 hour workshop with Tayla, where you can get creative, design your own unique vision board alongside likeminded people.

Bace will supply the board and decorations, you just need to bring the images and materials you'd like to use to make yours significant to you!

There will be pre workshop tasks, including journalling, a private group to get prepared as effectively as possible.

Location: Bace Mind & Movement 
Date & Time: January 30th at 11am

- Limited to 15 people only!





Taylas Vision Board Workshop

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