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We've just launched our free Bace community page, because we wanted to offer something more for everyone! Connecting the dots between mind & movement is the mission at Bace, and providing our knowledge and experience on what we believe health & fitness truly is, to as many people as possible is the aim as well as giving you an opportunity to engage, bring what you know and ask questions to an open minded group. This group has been created to bring together a community of likeminded people from all around the Central Coast to talk all things health, fitness, mind and nutrition.

Team Bace will be providing a whole range of free content for you, including workouts and education, but it wouldn't be a complete community without your engagement.

We absolutely encourage that you get active inside this group. Introduce yourself, ask questions, share the things that have helped you in your life, whether that's a quote, recipes you love, or videos that inspire and educate you.

Join here!