Setting Bulletproof Goals in 2021!

Goals are the targets that make us feel like we are moving forward. They are something that gives each of us a sense of direction and purpose.

There are unlimited ways to set them, design them, stick to them and reach them, but often at some point, we lose focus and commitment and tend to either not reach the goal, or end up on a different path.

There’s a reason for this..

If you’re someone who struggles to reach the milestones, or to stay consistent in order to meet the goals you set, it’s most likely because you’ve set it because it sounds great at the time, but the foundations and deeper reasons why aren’t there. The secret to a bulletproof goal is to have the right formula that is simple, easy to digest and that you can follow alongside your lifestyle. Let’s begin!


Earlier, we mentioned there are endless ways to set out goals, so you can lay these out however you like. The way we are going to outline here, is to break down each core part of your life, and set 1 (or 2) goals for each of these areas. We've coupled the area with an example goal below: Physical Health - Run 5km by July 1, 2021 Personal Growth - Read 10 books by December 1, 2021 Career - Change jobs to something that alligns with my passions Money - Save $10,000 by December 1, 2021 Experiences - Take a road trip with no destination in mind!


Probably the most important part for goal setting is to un- derstand why! The deeper it goes, the hungrier you become, because your goal is linked to what you truly desire under the surface. A great way to find this, is to ask why you want this goal, and then ask why again! Here is an example for your physical health. Physical Health - Run 5km by July 1, 2021 Why? Because I've wanted to reach this milestone for so long Why? So that I can prove to myself I have the ability and resilience.


If you’re ambitious, you’ve probably set out some pretty big goals for yourself. Getting there can seem overwhelming, which can be a big reason we don’t achieve our goals. Break the goal down and look at what habits you need to embody in order to reach the goal you’ve set. Physical Health - Run 5km by July 1, 2021 Habit: Run every Monday and Friday, increasing my run distance by 250 metres each time.


The most common thing we say when it comes to goal set- ting is this: “I will be x when I achieve y” What you’re saying, is that until you achieve your goal, you won’t be who you want to become. The identification starts now! Change your identity from the beginning, and embody the goal as if it’s already happened for you! Physical Health - Run 5km by July 1, 2021 Habit: I am a runner!

When this is all combined, you have a goal, a why, the habits required and the identity you must embody to reach your milestones, giving you the bulletproof formula for achieving your goals not only this year, but whenever you want!

To make things easier, we've designed a free template that you can use to layout your goals. It's editable in Canva, the internets easiest graphic design software!


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