Bace Trainers Retreat

In late September, the Bace team spent 3 days in the Central Coast hinterland. The intention for these few days was to turn the attention inward on each individual, answering some of the most confronting questions we can ask ourselves in order to get the answers we seek surrounding our path, purpose and what we want. As well as this, we spent time coming together to discuss, create and plan the Bace business to best serve you, the members!

As a group we experienced the cold water, breath work with the aid of ceremonial Cacao, games and bonding exercises that help us understand each other, and more importantly ourselves better. The exercises and teachings from this weekend will be used for future programs and workshops for our members (more on this to come!). It was incredible to see the impact that we can have on each other when we drop our guards to realise our strengths, our limiting beliefs, our past memories and our creative nature. All it takes is trust and the willingness to accept that there is much to learn. After less than 3 days, we came away with massive amounts of clarity, structure and a collective understanding of where Bace is moving, our foundational values and what is next.

We can't wait!

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