Bace Stories Launched!

We have just launched Bace Stories, a series of videos that tells the stories of our members, trainers and the community to get a deeper understand of what happens in the lives of some very inspiring people and movements. Bace Mind & Movement is pushing to offer more than just a place to train. It's a place to have fun, inspire and help you connect the dots between movement and mind through our workshops, programs, content and the people that make the community. Bace stories kicks off with Jarred Brown, co owner, trainer and team leader. Jarred started what many know as DMR Bootcamps back in 2016 from his garage. Passionate and driven, he built the business into multiple spaces over a few years until finding the space that fits the brand perfectly. 6 months later, along with the team and new co owner, Andrew, we rebranded into Bace Mind & Movement, which focuses on all components to health & fitness. Jarred brings a unique and exciting approach to his training and execution, one that offers a much deeper level of value. As Bace builds, this vision grows more and more to offer a space for a small & exclusive amount of members to maintain a strong community and maximum value and education for everyone who calls Bace their place.