Bace Open Day is done! Here's What Happened

For everyone who made it to our event, thank you! What a day it was :)

Over 50 people made it Bace Mind & Movement for the session, games, breath work & meditation, and it was incredible to see how many people benefitted from the breath work experience. Our trainers, Tayla, Kailie, Jaydn & Lauren ran a 2 part training session consisting of strength & HIIT with a toast teamwork finisher at the end. The energy was high, the blood was pumping and it was close at the end! We had Teams Challenge Australia run their breath work session, teaching about how the breath can be controlled and used to calm our bodies in any situation. TCA work with high level athletes and organisations, but they explained the importance of using the breath for everyday people in everyday situations, and this proved to be incredibly powerful!

Almost 100% of the people who took on the session, dived into the breath work and then into the ice bath to test out their resilience and mind. We cannot wait to run another event for you all very soon! If you're interested in Bace, simply head to the contact section of our website, fill in the information and we will get back to you right away!

Additionally, Back to Baceics has been revamped and relaunched! This program provides a huge amount of value for those who are looking to increase energy, find more structure in their lives, come into a welcoming and amazing community of likeminded people, and to learn more about themselves, their mind & body and take make their health & fitness a priority :) CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MORE INFO ON BACK TO BACEICS