5 Simply Powerful Ways To Boost Your Mood!

There are many different ways to boost your mood, but I want to highlight a diverse range that offer different time frames for any situation! That way we are equipped with a toolbox to make ourselves feel alive, vital and loved throughout the day.

Below, I have broken down different ways to feel good. From time alone, to spreading love, to moving your body or things like cold showers and meditation, and how these can help you throughout your days and lives.

Move The Body:

Moving your body (especially in a like minded environment) not only treats your body with love by moving it and prioritising your vitality, but you also get the ability to share your time with other people who are there to do the same.

This endorphin release, matched with selfishly allocating time to exercise is the perfect way to show up in the best way you can, and makes it much easier to adopt and maintain the other healthy habits in your life.

Move your body with Bace HERE

Watch The Sunrise:

Watching the sunrise is one of the most soul fulfilling activities you can do almost daily to ignite a sense of connection to yourself and to nature, and allow you to start your day feeling alive.

Most people are quick to pull out their phones and take a photo of the sunrise. Try not taking your phone out and be completely present with yourself as you sit in silence and watch the world wake up for the day.

Check out this incredible Sunrise video from Terrigal Beach; the perfect place to ease the mind and start the day.


The quieter you become, the more you can hear”

We live in a distractive world, and often prioritise social media and TV over taking the time to sit with ourselves. Although social media and tv can provide us a place to switch off, to connect and to stay busy, Meditation provides an opportunity to see what’s going on in us, which can be quite confronting, but also very freeing (depends how you decide to look at it.)

Meditation offers us so much, but at it’s most simplest form, it is a great tool to become aware of our thoughts. When a thought comes up, it’s an opportunity to see it and accept it. It’s easy to judge ourselves for the thoughts and emotions that come to the surface, but these are so important to understand, because they help teach us about ourselves.

If you’ve never tried meditation, you can start with just a few minutes, it doesn’t have to be long. The important thing here is consistency. For everyone in the beginning, it’s a hard task. But over time, you’ll gradually learn what works for you and how to understand your mind better and better each time. Over time, you’ll begin to come out of your meditations with a deep sense of gratitude and clarity.

An amazing tool for meditation is the 1 GIANT MIND APP. It’s a FREE tool that will help you get started with a library of great tracks.

Cold Shower:

Cold showers are a pattern interrupt and a shock to the body. The hardest part is the first 5-10 seconds; the breathe shortens and the mind wants comfort so it asks for the hot water. If you control the breath and breathe fully, you control the mind.

Start with 10 seconds and add 5 seconds each day to build that inner resilience and all the benefits that come with cold immersion. This can be done at any point in the day but my personal favourite is when I wake up.

Leave A Loved One A Note:

This one is short and sweet.

Pull out a pen and paper and leave a note to a loved one. Maybe they’re in need or maybe you’re just sending them love. Not only will this leave you in a state of deep love, but it could also be the highlight of their day. They say the secret to living is giving. Give it a go :)