Mind & Movement Hub

Located in Erina, NSW

Bace Open Day
45 minute power session!
Over $800 in prizes to give away!
A cold immersion and breath work experience!
Jan 30th from 8am at Bace Mind & Movement
4/13 Bonnal Rd, Erina
7:45am - 10:30am


More TBA Very soon!

Welcome to Bace.
We are a community based gym that connects the dots between movement & mind, guiding you to make the changes you seek from the inside out.
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Bace Stories
Is Bace for you?
We aren't a commercial gym, and we have a strict member limit. Right now, we are currently 80% full and we offer Bace to those who are ready.
We AREN'T right for you if:
- You don't like a community environment.
- You aren't ready to commit to minimum 3 sessions per week.
- You are looking for quick results.
We ARE right for you if:
- You thrive in a community environment.
- You're ready to commit to minimum 3 sessions per week.
- You are looking to create sustainable results in your mind & body.
- You are ready to find your Baceline!

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Bace 3 Week Experience - Gift Voucher

Bace 3 Week Experience - Gift Voucher


What our Members say

Bace has to be the MOST welcoming gym environment I’ve ever been to. Not only can I bring my kids to my workouts, but if I miss a day, people genuinely care and notice, and tell me that I was missed, and it feels amazing! It truly is an all embracing community of amazing people - both young and young at heart! Could not be more excited and grateful to be a part of this ‘family’!

- Lou

Bace is a place where you feel like you belong, where you are accepted at any skill level. For me coming from another facility to Bace I feel like I belong in a place that accepts the skill level Im at and where I am always apart of a team and the Bace Family.

- Rebecca

I love Bace because everyone is accepted and treated equal. It doesn’t matter what age you are or what fitness level you are. It’s about belonging. It’s about making your fitness fun and varied. Fitness and friendship go hand in hand here.

- Suzette

Bace has completely changed my entire outlook on life. Before Bace I basically lived off fast food and energy drinks. If I wasn’t at work all I would do is lay in bed watching Netflix. Now I spend my mornings and quite a few afternoons in my home away from home with a bunch of people that motivate me and make me feel happy and accepted.

Bace is more than just a gym and exercise, it’s a crazy somewhat disfunctional accepting family of like minded inspiring people no matter your ability.

- Courtney

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Bace Unlimited for 21 days in Jan!

Bace Unlimited for 21 days in Jan!


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We are located at:
4/13 Bonnal Rd, Erina

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