Keep your mind, body & Soul looked after this festive period!

Welcome to the Healthy Holiday Guide!

Join Tayla & Jaydn for 14 days of greatness!

The Healthy Holiday guide is for those who want to maintain their efforts from 2020 into 2021, and even add a range of mindset, movement and mindfulness tools to their arsenal :)

The holidays are about unwinding and enjoying the time off, and we get that! So with everything we are offering in this guide, it hits the perfect spot between keeping you healthy in the mind, body & spirit without it feeling like a task you have to do. 

You'll get access to:


An exclusive community,

created especially for B2B will host all the videos, resources and information you need to thrive in this program. This is where you can ask questions, connect, share your results and see others as well.



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Healthy Holiday Guide, 

our newest addition that brings you 14 activities to complete to keep your mind, body and soul stimulated in the festive period. You'll receive daily videos and an abundance of resources at your disposal!

Starts December 28, 2020

Who Is This For?

Healthy Holiday Guide is for anyone who:

- Wants to maintain their health & fitness while enjoying the break with a wine, beer, family & friends

- Wants to become more reflective and mindful.

- Is looking for a toolbox of workouts, practises and resources to help with their mind, body & spirit.

- Wants to be part of an accountable group of people who can inspire and support.

- Loves to try something new!

Your Trainers

Meet Tayla & Jaydn

Jaydn & Tayla have designed and brought you the healthy holiday guide through their own experience, research and expertise.

Jaydn's passion and accreditation in nutrition and sports performance is perfect in guiding you through optimising your mind & body for movement and sleep.

Tayla brings a light and fun energy to mindfulness, breathing techniques, fast paced workouts and stretch routines for you. Her experience in the mind & movement space will blow you away!

What's inside?

- PDF printout for you to follow along each day and be prepared for the days ahead!


- Daily emails illustrating each task in depth.

- Online community to keep you accountable and inspired.

- Abundance of resources for your mind & body.

- Ready to go workouts for you to follow to stay energised and feeling healthy.

- Guided meditation and breathing techniques to aid stress and create clarity in the mind.

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