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Welcome to Back to Baceics

Back to Baceics is a 3 phase program that focuses on helping you build simple & powerful habits and routines that improve clarity, energy, time management and quality of life. More importantly, we guide you to build this part of your life that is sustainable and effective.

You'll get access to:

Our private community,

created especially for B2B will host all the videos, resources and information you need to thrive in this program. This is where you can ask questions, connect, share your results and see others as well.



Back to Baceics, our all new 3 phase program that will bring you back to simplest and most effective ways of creating longevity and sustainable habits, routines and practises for your health & wellbeing. 

Bace Mind & Movement,  the home that offers over 30 classes from HIIT & Strength, to Yoga, Meditation, Stretch and Boxing. with this program you'll get 3 weeks of training at Bace FREE! 

Our all new Bace App makes it easy to book in classes, see what's happening in the community and get all the updates you need.

Starts November 6, 2020

Who Is This For?

Back to Baceics is for anyone who is seeking:

- More structure in their daily lives.

- A routine that improves their wellbeing and works for them.

- An amazing toolbox of mindfulness practises and resources.

- An in depth understanding of creating habits that work, and how to make them stick.

- Something fresh and new with a community of likeminded people.

- A place to call yours, where you can improve your mind, body & spirit.

Your Trainers

Andrew Cooney

Here to support you through process, Andrew brings a different and unique level of expertise to all areas of this program. You will see him a lot through Back to Baceics, working alongside Jarred to bring you the clearest and most effective transformations and results. 

Jarred Brown

Creator of Back to Baceics & head trainer at Bace, Jarred will be guiding you through the seminar  and the program to ensure you get everything 

you need from the experience. Having studied routine and habits for over 2 years, you're going to find a huge wealth of knowledge, and he doesn't hold back!

Tayla Williams & Eliza Gray

The bubbliest of girls, Tayla & Eliza will be guiding you through mindfulness  week, bringing you a huge toolbox of resources and practises, as well as their own amazing knowledge in the space. Expect to see these 2 working side by side throughout the program, bringing their smiles with them.

Starts November 6, 2020

What's Included

- 3 phase Back to Baceics program covering 

Routine, Reflection & mindfulness.

(physical & digital 29 page booklet) - ($149.00 value)


- 3 weeks of training at Bace ($124.00 value)

- Private community group. (priceless!)

- 2 hour seminar diving deep into the program, personalising it for your needs. ($99 value)

- Weekly videos & detailed seminar on mindfulness

($69.00 value)

Total Value: $441.00

Starts November 6, 2020

Program Breakdown

A little sneak peak

Seminar - November 6

- Our in person Seminar, run by Jarred Brown, will run you through your Program Booklet (received on the night), diving deep into intention setting, routine creation and the science of habits. This is the perfect opportunity to ask any questions and meet all the other Back to Baceics members!


Week 1 - Routine

- This is where we build, trial and modify our morning routine into something that is effective, practical and that works for you. This foundational week will be the most transformational for your life in this program!


Week 2 - Reflection

- This week is about introspection, understanding more about how you're feeling and what you're feeling. This week will provide you clarity, direction and add more gratitude into your life.

Week 3 - Mindfulness

- Mindfulness week, run by Tayla & Eliza, will provide a huge amount of insight into mindfulness, starting from the basic question, what is mindfulness. They have packed in so many incredible resources and content to share along the way for you to implement and walk away feeling more connected to yourself.

About Bace

Bace is a mind & movement hub, offering over 30 classes from HIIT & Strength, to Boxing, Meditation & Yoga. 


As well as your group training, Bace focuses on community and growth, bringing you programs, workshops, events and resources to strengthen connection with yourself and the like minded people who are also apart of bace. 

What People Have to Say

The thing I love most about the program was the little things  The cold showers each day especially. I got lots out of it and learned lots whilst doing it. It was so surprising to me as to how much doing little things like that can make such a difference to your day.​


This program came at a time of real uncertainty, making me recognise what is really important in my life. The ability to establish a routine, from something as small as having a glass of water when I first got out of bed, to breaking down fears and barriers that I didn’t think I’d be able to showed how good it feels to step out of that comfort zone.


It sparked me into a life I always knew I could get to. It helped me set a solid morning routine which continues to set me up for each day The guidance from all the trainers helped me break my bad habits and dive deep into things that were always holding me back, I.e. self confidence, spending to much time comparing myself to others over social media, and it made me enjoy the little things in life and turn my negative perspective into positives.


I absolutely loved the program! There was such a wealth of information and knowledge. I still incorporate what I learnt into my every day. The biggest thing I will take away is how important my morning routine is for my daily mindset! I’m feeling on track and happy each day I wake up. 

The team of trainers are amazing and it was wonderful to connect with some many inspiring people on the journey.


Note: All testimonials have been received from our 30 Days 30 Challenges program. Back to Baceics takes a lot of the teachings from this program and expanded on them as well as adding in a whole new range of content and education

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