Saturday July 17

7:30am - 10am

"Bacefest Is A Local Mini Fitness Festival Focused On Bringing Community Together To Learn, Move & Connect."

Join Bace, Teams Challenge Australia, The Key Journal and more for a day of movement, challenge and fun!

Featuring Live Music by Post Office productions

& Food by Cabana Cafe, Copacabana.

A Morning You Won't Forget!


About the Event

Get Ready To Experience Movement & Mind Combined With Bacefest. 


Event Schedule (TBC)
7:30am - Welcome to BaceFest.
8:15am - Express Fit Session with Team Bace (All Fitness Levels)

8:45am - Group Activities.
9:00am - Wellness Talks with Activate Foods, The Key Journal & StrategIQ.
9:20am - An introduction to the breath with Teams Challenge Australia
9:45am - The ICE Challenge

Live Music by Post Office Productions
Food Supplied by Cabana Cafe

express session logo.png

Join team Bace in an express session to have fun, get sweaty and meet amazing people!

We will be using a range of equipment to keep things new, exciting & fun for you.

You'll feel the benefits of HIIT & functional training in this adaptable session.


Available for ALL fitness levels.


Join Teams Challenge Australia in a world class session on breath-work & cold immersion. 

Learn to control the mind & body in stressful situations & 

face your fears in a cold immersion.

Reap the instant benefits!


Our Partners

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About the Bace Community

Bace stands toward sustainable health & fitness, where every session is the destination. We are a group training facility that offers HIIT, Strength training, boxing, meditation, yoga as well as workshops, upcoming retreats and monthly community events that bring our community together.

Bace is made up of a team who are here to help you grow in your health & fitness journey, but with an added depth on offer with our programs, workshops & community events that run monthly, we aim to truly connect the dots between movement and mind.

If you are looking for a space of likeminded go getters, accountability, community and a place to call your own, here we are. 

Where to find us

Bace Mind & Movement location