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This limited offer is available for just 10 people!


Get a FREE Bace shirt or singlet with your 21 day trial offer


Our 21 day experience offers all the perks of our Bace Unlimited, for just $87! ($37 saving)


Included in your 3 week experience is:

- Over 28 classes per week

- Live workouts

- Open floor access

- Community events

- Private Online community




Bace is a little different to normal gyms. We are a place that is more than just training yourself physically. We offer training, yoga, meditation, retreats, workshops, community events, online resources and programs and supplementation.




We help people who understand that fitness, mental & physical wellbeing plays a big part in how they approach life with positivity and motivation. But they are looking for a place and a community of people to help fuel that passion to feel purpose driven, structured, self-aware, have better relationships and greater career success. We help our members cover all bases to achieve greater success. Does this sound like you?




We've realised that in order to make the change you're truly seeking, it starts from the inside, out. We've created a full service mind & movement hub that connects the dots between mind & body in a collective environment. At Bace, we focus on sustainable results, building confidence and a deeper connection with yourself and those around you. Choosing us is a step toward understanding the why behind your health.


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Q. Once I purchase this offer, what happens next? 


A. We will send you an email with everything you need to know. In this email will be the waiver form, how to get onto our all new app where you can begin choosing your classes and checking out the community.


Q. Will I be locked into a contract if I purchase this offer?


A. Absolutely not. Your expereince will last for 21 days, and you'll have the option of signing onto our Bace unlimited which is a 12 week commitment. 


Q. What is included in this offer? 


A. You will have access to over 30 classes inlcuding HIIT, Strength, Booxing, Tabata, Yoga & Stretch classes. Also included in this offer is access to our all new app, private community and any upcoming community events.

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