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This trial gives you access to over 28 group sessions per week and more!

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Does this sound familiar?

❌No motivation

❌No self discipline

❌Little to no confidence in my lifting and technique 

❌Not having fun when I train 

❌Not prioritising my time for me

❌Feeling immobile and unhealthy 

❌Sick of the rollercoaster health journey

What you gain from Bace

✅Level up your mind & body

✅Meet a group of likeminded people 

✅Leave each session more energised and clear

✅Access everything you need for a balanced and healthy lifestyle

✅Access an online community of likeminded people

✅Become a part of a larger community

✅Be surrounded by high performing people to access more than just training

✅Learn correct training techniques

What you experience in your next 7 days

  • Access to our gym & over 28 group sessions per week with our amazing trainers and friendly members

  • Daily tips and accountability check in with our owner Andrew

  • Access to an in person and online community of likeminded people

  • Free guided session! (Guided with Kailie via video)

  • Some takeaway content on mood boosting tips you can do right now

What others are saying

We can only take up to another 50 members into our community! We hope you'll be one of them!

What our members think of Bace

Our Team!

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What We Stand For

Bace stands toward sustainable health & fitness, where every session is the destination.

Here, you won't see many transformational photos. You'll see community, happy faces and people who understand the importance of mind & movement combined.

We are a team that focuses on accountability, innovation and embodiment. We make sure that our members are fulfilling their journey the best they can, while constantly seeking new ways to connect them together. Most importantly, everything we offer has been tried, tested and proven to work.


Bace is a young team that are here to help you grow in your health & fitness journey, but with an added depth on offer with our programs, workshops & community events that run monthly, we aim to truly connect the dots between movement and mind.

If you are looking for a space of likeminded go getters, accountability, community and a place to call your own, here we are. 

Where to find us

Bace Mind & Movement location