14 Day Baceline Program!


14 Days to REBOOT Your Training, Nutrition AND Routine!

In the next 14 days, you'll step into an open and judgement free community to reboot your fitness, find a love for healthy eating and learn how to optimise your routine to give you structure, clarity and direction in your health.

Does this sound familiar?

❌No motivation and self discipline

❌Little to no confidence in my lifting and technique 

❌Not having fun when I train 

❌Not prioritising my time for ME

❌Feeling immobile and unhealthy 

❌Sick of the rollercoaster health journey

❌Inconsistent habits in training & nutrition

What We Are Here To Provide You!

✅Consistency & accountability in your training and goals

✅An incredible likeminded group in a judgement free space

✅More energy from each session than when you walked in

✅The tools & resources to find your baceline in your fitness

✅Access an online community of likeminded people

✅Support, guidance and a fun time!

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What you experience in your next 14 days:

$149.00 VALUE

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$149.00 VALUE

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Program Breakdown

Week 1

- Set your Fitness Baceline with our guided testing block.

- Experience a new and judgement free community.

- Learn & develop new, healthy habits in your 
nutrition & mind.

Week 2

- Access to the full community.

- Develop and find rhythm in your training.

- Learn new ways to boost your mood and energise your mind & body.

Our Team!

About Us & What We Stand For

Bace stands toward sustainable health & fitness, where every session is the destination. We are a group training facility that offers HIIT, Strength training, boxing, meditation, yoga as well as workshops, upcoming retreats and monthly community events that bring our community together.

Bace is made up of a team who are here to help you grow in your health & fitness journey, but with an added depth on offer with our programs, workshops & community events that run monthly, we aim to truly connect the dots between movement and mind.

If you are looking for a space of likeminded go getters, accountability, community and a place to call your own, here we are. 

Where to find us

Bace Mind & Movement location

14 Day Baceline Program